In early 1999 members of the Leonard Family, owners of AutoShow Volvo in Seekonk Massachusetts visited Bob Tasca Jr. at his LincolnMercury dealership also located in Seekonk Ma. The reason for the visit was tosee if the Tasca Family had any interest in acquiring their Volvo dealership.Although the offer to buy was intriguing the first response was no. Bob TascaSr. was so loyal to Ford Motor Company that it was said if he was injured hebled Ford blue!

Later that year Ford Motor Company purchased Volvo Cars intheir quest to establish what they envisioned for the future, the Premium AutoGroup. Now that Ford had become Volvo's parent company the main obstacle to theTasca acquisition of Auto Show Volvo was removed and Tasca Volvo opened inDecember 2001.

Any history of Tasca Volvo has to go back much further than1999, because the Tasca organization dates back to the early 1950's when ayoung man with a burning desire to start a family business first got into theautomobile business. As a young boy in the 8th grade, Bob Tascawrote a term paper entitled," I want to become a Ford Dealer" Why Ford? Becausehis uncle Jake worked for a Ford Dealer and young Bob helped his uncle overhaulFords in their back yard of his childhood home. As he grew older Bob Tascabecame a mechanic then progressed from there to sales then into management andby the time he was 27 years old he realized his childhood dream and opened hisfirst Ford dealership.

With a business model focused on volume and customersatisfaction the Tasca dealership grew and eventually became one of the highestvolume Ford dealerships in the country. In his advertising Bob Tasca wouldproudly state, "One Bigger None Better" Bob and his wife Josephine were proudof his business exploits but were most proud of their growing family of threeboys and one girl, Bob Jr., Carl, David and Tricia.

Bob Tasca's love for the automobile turned into a passionfor drag racing and his success at the track turned into more sales at hisdealership. Bob learned early in his career that winning on Sunday meantselling on Monday so Tasca racing became a practical addition to his business. Dragracing fast Fords all over the country and winning some of the most prestigiousraces of the era put Bob Tasca's Ford dealership on the map and his salesvolume continued to grow.

The early 1970's were years of turmoil and change for theautomobile business. Higher interest rates, higher insurance premiums andincreasing energy costs changed everything. Bob Tasca's sons were graduatingfrom school and now wanted to join the family business. Rather than turning hissuccessful Ford business over to them Bob decided to accept a challengefrom a high ranking executive at FordMotor Company and he sold his East Providence Rhode Island based FordDealership and acquired a newly built Lincoln Mercury Dealership in nearbySeekonk Massachusetts. The way he saw things he could put his sons in thedriver's seat and he could guide them from the back seat.

During the early years of Tasca Lincoln Mercury Bob and hissons used custom built and blueprinted vehicles as a way to differentiate aTasca car from everyone else's and just like Tasca Ford, Tasca LincolnMercury's volume experienced steady growth. In 1981 Bob Tasca offered hiscustomers, for the first time, a unique finance plan that he called Pretrade.With Pretrade the Tasca's could offer their customers a shorter finance term, asmaller finance balance and lower monthly payments. With Pretrade they toldtheir customers that, "when your neighbors are changing their tires you will bechanging your car." The shorter term trade cycles created by Pretradesupercharged Tasca Lincoln Mercury's salespace and in just 5 years Tasca Lincoln Mercury in Seekonk Ma. had grown to bethe highest volume Lincoln Mercury dealership in the world with the highestcustomer satisfaction scores ever generated by any Ford or Lincoln Mercurydealer worldwide. Now with his volume and customer satisfaction agenda fullyrealized Bob Tasca Sr. could finally state None Bigger, None Better.

The Tasca Family continued to grow; third generation Tasca'swere beginning to enter into the family business and the need to expand arose.It was here that Tasca Volvo was added to the Tasca group. Bob Tasca said manythings and one thing he believed strongly and repeated often was, "Bricks andmortar can't sell or service cars - people do" so he realized one of hisbusiness' most important assets are the people that worked for him. When Tascafirst added Volvo, Bob addressed the employees who had previously worked forthe Leonard Family and he told them that while he respected the Volvo Brand itwas the people at Auto Show Volvo that convinced him to acquire it.

Tasca has since consolidated their Volvo Brand at the 1300Pontiac Ave. Cranston R.I. Tasca Automotive Group flagship location. Many ofthe people who worked for Tasca Volvo back in 2001 still work for Tasca.Obviously much has changed since 2001 but what has never changed is Tasca'sdevotion to their people and to their customers. The Tasca Family commitment toits people and especially to its customers is that You Will be Satisfied!


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