Having good tires on your vehicle is very important, but there is more to safe driving than just having good tires. Tire maintenance can play an important part in keeping you safely on the road and getting as much use out of your tires as possible. Tire rotation is a big part of tire maintenance, and our team at Tasca Volvo Cars would love to give you tips on how to rotate your tires.

How to rotate your tire depends on the vehicle and if it’s all-wheel drive, rear-wheel driver, or front-wheel drive. In most cases, you want to put the rear tires on the front and the front on the rear. You’ll also want to crisscross them. This means that the front driver's tire goes on the rear passenger side and the passenger front tire goes on the driver rear side.

Whether your tires are new or close to their expiration period, it’s important to rotate them regularly. Most tire manufacturers recommend rotating them every 5,000 miles. Stop at our Cranston, RI shop, and allow us to rotate your tires or provide any other automotive service you might need.

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