Performance Features in the Volvo V90 Making Tasca Volvo Cars's Day

The Volvo V90 is one of those popular luxury wagons you see around Cranston every so often. It is hard to look away because of its design features, but this wagon offers more than just looks. It also has great performance features worth talking about.

All-Wheel Drive

One thing that is going to making driving through the streets of Cranston a breeze is the Volvo's all-wheel drive performance feature. You get to feel great knowing that your vehicle can handle off-road situations, and you also get to know that your vehicle will be better equipped to handle the road, even in bad weather conditions.

Start/Stop Engine

Idling and wasting gas at a stop will no longer concern you. When your Volvo V90 comes to a complete stop during traffic, the engine is going to shut off, reducing fuel waste. This makes your vehicle much more fuel efficient, which is great news for anyone.

You can come explore these features with a test drive at one of these luxury wagons, and there are many more features we'd love to show you if you give us a chance.



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