Volvo S60: The Next Big Thing in Safety

Imagine a popular luxury compact sedan that's slightly sporty, immensely powerful, gorgeous and filled with all the latest and ahead-of-trend safety features. Volvo S60 fits the bill perfectly, which is why it so excites our Tasca Volvo Cars team. Here are two safety features we love.

Auto Accident-Avoiding Steering

This feature, Oncoming Lane Mitigation, detects oncoming vehicles as you zip to and from work in Cranston. If a head-on collision seems imminent after you cross a lane marking at a speed above 37 mph, Volvo S60 steers you back into your lane and issues a warning.

Pilot Assist

Volvo S60's Pilot Assist is the newest generation of Adaptive Cruise Control. Pilot Assist keeps you centered in your lane when your hands are on the steering wheel and you're crawling through sluggish traffic. The system also accelerates, slows down and brakes, maintaining optimal speed and lead gaps.

See these and many other Volvo S60 safety features with a test drive at our dealership today.


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