Staff testimonial: Safety is the highest priority for Volvo

The other day as I settled into my favorite chair at the end of a long day at work, a news headline captured my attention. A young girl, just 21 years old, was killed in a crash on the highway. As the reporter described the details of the crash, I wondered how fast she was going. Did she have her seat belt on, was she texting? I was dismayed by the thought of another promising young life lost on the highway due to a crash.

I saw the twisted wreckage on the TV screen, recognized the vehicle make, and noted to myself that it wasn’t a Volvo. She may still have died in the crash even if it was a Volvo but her odds for survival probably would have been higher.

I have earned a living in the automobile business and I am currently a manager of a Volvo franchise. As I watched that news report I also thought about some stories I read recently in the “Volvo Saved my Life Club,” an interesting collection of true stories written by people who claim that if it wasn’t for their Volvo, they and their loved ones probably would not have survived the horrific accidents that they were involved in.1

Today’s vehicles are undoubtedly much safer than the vehicles of the past due in large part to research and development performed by Volvo. Crumple zones designed to absorb impact, safety cell construction which envelops and protects passengers in a ridged passenger compartment, and even the three-point safety belts used by all manufacturers today were all developed by Volvo.

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I’m sure most folks do not know this, but Volvo’s founders used a very basic principle to guide them: “Cars are driven by people, therefore everything we do at Volvo is – and must remain – about safety.” Volvo certainly still makes safety their highest priority and the folks whose stories are in the "Volvo Saved my Life Club" continue to bear testimony to that fact.

Would that girl who died in the crash have survived if she was driving a Volvo? We will never know for sure, but I think she would have had a much better chance.

- Mike Perlini, Brand Manager, Tasca Volvo



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