2018 Volvo XC40

Yes. It's a Volvo.
To create our smallest SUV, we looked to architecture, art and culture for inspiration. By thinking differently, we designed a vehicle that is not like anything you've experienced before. Recently unveiled to the world, the XC40s high-tech interfaces, smart storage solutions and bespoke design options make it completely for you.

A palette of bold colors adds life and energy, while a host of customizable options let you express your individuality even more. The XC40 is an experimental Volvo firmly grounded in our Swedish roots.
Make every drive more intuitive with a 9" Sensus touchscreen, Pilot Assist system, the latest generation of City Safety, Cross Traffic Alert with auto brake and a 360 Camera that helps you easily maneuver into tight parking spaces.
The minimalistic Scandinavian interior provides groundbreaking ways to store your daily gear, including best-in-class door panel storage, dedicated space for coins, credit cards and your phone and even fold-away hook for securing bags.

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